Exhibits at the VWM

View galleries, vehicles and exhibits showcasing the war efforts of America throughout history.

Educational Programs

Take part in a variety of visual arts, multi-media, hands-on learning and critical thinking exercises.

Kids Camp Programs

The Virginia War Museum is offering the following interactive children’s camps.

Kids' Camps 

WWII Summer Kids Camp 2019 - July 29-Aug 1  & Aug 12-1

Want to register a child for winter camp?  Here is how you do it:

    1. Registration Opens April 1, 2019
    2. You must choose the camper Status you wish: Either Recruit or Veteran. This is not a reflection on how many camps your child has or hasn't attended; this reflects what will be issued to your child.
    3. If you have chosen "Veteran" then the parent must submit at the time of registration the "Veteran Camper Acknowledgement Form." Any registration submitted without this will be considered a "recruit" and full equipment will be ordered for your child and you will be liable for the full $200 Camp fee.
    4. Mail/E-mail or hand deliver the registration to the Virginia War Museum at 9285 Warwick BLVD, Newport News, VA 23607, e-mail cgarcia@nnva.gov .
    5. Wait for us to process the registration forms, and reply to your application via e-mail. Confirmations will be issued May 1st. If camp should fill up by then we will notify you. Otherwise, assume your child is in. Do not call or e-mail for confirmation. If you need confirmation of receipt send by registered mail/delivery notification on your e-mail or send by registered mail.
    6. DO NOTsubmit payment in any form with your registration.
    7. Last summer, particularly in July camp we had a large number of families who reserved spots for camp and then canceled a week before camp. Cancellation 14 days or less from the camp, will be billed for the full recruit cost of the camp.
    8. Please  DO NOT take a photo of your registration and e-mail it to me, as I must print each one and the photos do not print well and are often illegible."

Download Registration Form

Important!  We will accept applications on a first-come basis as they arrive

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Chris Garcia. 
Camp Director
(757) 247-8523
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