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View galleries, vehicles and exhibits showcasing the war efforts of America throughout history.

Educational Programs

Take part in a variety of visual arts, multi-media, hands-on learning and critical thinking exercises.

Kids Camp Programs

The Virginia War Museum is offering the following interactive children’s camps.

Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation

This exhibit commemorates the role of the Hampton Roads region of Southeast Virginia during World Wars I and II as a hub for the movement of millions of troops and as a center of activity for numerous paramilitary organizations such as the Red Cross. The focal point of the exhibit is the railway boxcar that houses it; one of the finest remaining examples of a "Merci" Train boxcar (40/8). One "Merci" boxcar was given to each of the states after World War II to show appreciation for the more than 700 American box cars of relief goods sent to France by (primarily) individual Americans in 1948.

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